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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Overview of GIA Diamond Rings Appraisal Reports

When you look at the diamond rings in the showcase at a jewelry store the salesperson will likely tell you that they are GIA diamond rings or the that stones are EGL loose diamonds. You smile and nod even though you haven’t a clue what all this means. GIA is an acronym for the Gemological Institute of America and EGL is an acronym for the European Gemological Society. Both are international institutes that appraise diamonds.

Even though a jeweler will tell you the rings you are looking at are GIA diamond rings, this means the diamond has been appraised by the GIA and not the complete ring. It is necessary to know that the stones have been appraised so that you know you are buying best value diamonds and that they are most likely have a money back guarantee. Diamonds sold with such a guarantee are worth what the jeweler is charging for them.

When you send diamonds to the GIA for appraisal, you will receive a comprehensive report on the analysis. The color will be assessed and assigned a letter grade ranging from D to Z, with D being pure white diamonds.

You can have GIA diamond rings with a slight tint in the diamond, which may bring down the price, but does not take anything away from the beauty of the stone. In order to see the differences in color from white to faint yellow, you would have to use the same precise lighting methods that are used in the laboratory setting.

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