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Thursday, January 28, 2010

More on diamond appraisals

The report on GIA diamond rings or IGI appraisals also gives details on the cut of the stone and its shape. The weight, which is the carat, of the diamond will be listed along with its precise measurements. Diagrams of the diamond in the report will show the angles of the stone that were measured.

In addition, gemologists look at the clarity of the diamond, which tells how well the diamond catches the light and reflects, refracts and disperses it. This part of the report basically refers to the sparkle and shine of the stone as it sits in the setting of the ring.

GIA grading reports on diamonds have earned international recognition so that if you have a diamond that you want to sell, the buyer will receive all the information attesting to the quality and authenticity of the stone. These reports are praised for the incredible amount of accuracy they contain about the appraised diamond.
If your GIA diamond ring contains a diamond between 0.15 and 1.99 carats, you will receive a Diamond Dossier. This gives you the same type of information about the stone as you would receive in a regular grading report, but it is presented in a more compact format. For security reasons, this dossier will also have the identification number of the certificate imprinted by laser.

Since buying diamonds and diamond jewelry results in a high price, you really do need to have an appraisal to accompany your GIA diamond rings or a non conflict diamond. For insurance purposes, you would need to have this document as proof of the cost of the diamonds in order to take out an insurance policy on them.

To have your diamonds appraised by the GIA you can contact them directly or bring your stones to any jeweler to have them sent to the GIA. If you inherit a diamond ring or buy one at an estate sale, you may want to know the estimated value of the ring. While the GIA can appraise the stone, you will need to have it taken out of its mounting in order to have the work carried out. The GIA can advise you of the best setting to choose for the ring.

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Greg said...

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